Aren’t phones great?

Posted By on Oct 30, 2012 in Android | 0 comments


A few years ago I used to hate mobile phones. I didn’t see the appeal of spending money each month on something that basically only sent text messages and made calls.

Text messages were an annoyance and I could make a phone call from a landline, so why would I want a mobile?

Those were the days of the old Nokia phones. I had a 3310 and it was forced upon me by my then girlfriend (now wife). I hated it, but loved playing snakes.

Then dawned the era of the ‘smartphone’ – fast forward a few years and a mobile phone is much more than a phone, it’s a multifaceted tool. On a regular basis I use my phone as:
A GPS sat nav system
A mobile MP3 player
An alarm clock A portal for my emails
A calendar
A portable camera
A torch
A white noise generator to send my son to sleep
An Internet browser
A newspaper
A movie player

The list goes on. All that stuff makes so many other things redundant from books to separate cameras, mp3 players and more. I won’t say I couldn’t live without my phone because I could, I’d just be very bored. And lost. And late.

I love how technology is progressing. Here’s to a technologically rich future!