Installing Early Beta Version of CM10.1 on N7000

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CM10.1 on Galaxy Note

CM10.1 on Galaxy Note

This morning an early beta version of CM10.1 was released to the world via the xda-developers forum by seasoned modder Entropy512.
As it is probably considered an alpha build it carries heave disclaimers. There will be bugs present, in fact many are mentioned in the announcement post. There will be features that are completely missing at present. If you install this you will run into problems. All of this means that installing the mod is only recommended to those who know what they are doing and have done it before. There are multiple pitfalls that can end up in you bricking your phone (ie completely break it)

Whilst I don’t necessarily claim to know enough to recover if things go wrong, I have installed custom roms on this phone before, and on my previous Samsung Galaxy S with great success so I am going to install this and see how things go!

So I have done my nandroid backup, a titanium backup (though Entropy recommends not restoring from these for this), backed up my text messages using SMS Backup & Restore (a free and perfectly functional app). I have downloaded the required rom and gapps file and transferred them to my phone. Let’s go!
the gapps in the original post has been superceded by a much superior one that is reported to fix various fc issues. Direct download link here.

I want to make clear that although this post is pretty comprehensive – it is a diary of my experiences installing and running the mod. Even if you follow my path to the letter I can not, and do not guarantee you will have the same outcomes.
Here is what I did:
  • We are not told to do the cache wipes and factory reset until later, but I always do it at the start too just in case. It is probably not needed but I don’t know all of the ins and outs so don’t want to take too many risks.
  • Rom installed from CWM recovery
  • gapps installed from CWM recovery.
  • Perform factory reset and data wipe
  • Wipe cache
  • Wipe davlik cache
Done! Now to reboot the phone and keep my fingers crossed…
It is worth remembering that a first boot after installing a custom mod can take longer than normal, so seeing the spinning CM10 logo for a longer period than normal did not phase me, and then I saw this <–

CM10.1 First Screen


At least, the mod has installed and the phone boots up…
Progressing through the normal setup options (always made a little more complicated for me as I have the 2-step authentication enabled) is easy enough, and I encountered no problems. I was unable to even try and connect to wifi though as I was doing this in my work lunch break and don’t know the password.
First impressions are good. The system is smooth, and everything I have tried to open works. The camera takes photos, videos and panoramas. Gmail has updated through the play store and is syncing nicely and Google Search has updated to the latest version too. According to Android Sensor Box, the accelerometer, light, orientation, proximity, gyroscope, sound, magnetic and pressure sensors are all working well. Text messages send and receive fine, and calls all good too. My GPS connected and locked within 10 seconds for me.
So it looks like all I need to use as a daily driver is here and working well – and more besides. I can’t wait to play around with it some more and shall be keeping it for now and I will let you know how I get on with it as I feel there is more to write about.


Proof Of Success