Flow Free Bridges, Free Android and iOS Game

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Flow_freeThere is no point in beating around the bush – I love free games, and I love this game. Building on the success of its predecessor (Flow Free – also well worth a download), Big Duck Games have taken a winning formula and made a seemingly small, yet inspired tweaked and produced another catchy little game. Admittedly Flow Free Bridges is more of an extension than a game in its own right, but that does not detract from it’s fun.


The premise is simple – connect the dots. Simply draw a line from one dot to the other of the same colour and the only point that they can cross is the bridges. Oh, and you have to fill every square in the grid. It sounds easy, and to be honest I found this easier than the original incarnation but no less fun. I don’t think I found even one board that connected all the dots without filling the board which I think is welcome and in stark contrast to the original.

Additional Content

Like many games these days I find myself annoyed by the ads and the persistent (albeit understandable) requests to review the game – but they are out to make some money so the least I can do is review in the play store. Unlocking the additional levels (which you will be very tempted to do) will also remove ads so it is my own fault that they are still there.

Hints and Tips

  1. Look for the long paths round the outside of the square first
  2. If a dot is right next to a bridge it must go over/under it. Obvious – but it still took me a while to figure it out!
  3. If you really cant see a way through, memorise one of the longer routes that you are sure of and start again, putting that in first. It’s amazing how different things look on an empty board.

Flow Free Bridges

There are many rubbish free games that are slow, unresponsive and not worth the (admittedly small) effort of downloading. Flow Free Bridges is not one of them and is well worth your time. Go download it in the play store now and enjoy.