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This is the first in a new series of posts, App100. The premise is simple. Periodically I shall look at the “Top New Free” Section of the play store, scroll to 100 and review that app. Here is App100 post number 1…

Thor: Champions of Asgard

Thor: Champions of Asgard

Brief Intro

I have always been a fan of tower defense games, although admittedly find that they have limited longevity. Although it describes itself as stylised, it is not obviously a tower defence game and takes on a very similar edge to the classic Golden Axe – without the jumping.


You can choose one of several classical Norse characters to play the game, and the concept is simple. Using your chosen Hero and a variety of increasingly hard assistants you need to defend the spawn point on the left of the screen from an increasing number of hard enemies spawning on the right side. All the while you can push to the right and destroy the enemy spawn point. As you do so you collect coins which help you upgrade your army. The drop rate is pretty low and you get into a bit of a grind mentality as you play the first few levels, and as I can not find a way to replay complete levels it can feel like you get stuck if you don’t improve your strategy enough to win straight away. However, when you reach the first special level, you can repeat that so if you can win it you can grind out some coins.

Additional Content

Although this game is free, they have obviously created the game to make some money – and so they should! This offering is funded by in app purchases, and is in most games at the moment that takes the form of buying coins and gems to allow early upgrades. I have read reviews of this game in the play store that moan that you need to spend money to get anywhere, but this is simply not the case. Although it obviously makes your army stronger much more quickly, if you like these games and are prepared to put the time in then you can easily make good progress in time.

Thor: Champions of Asgard UpgradeHints and Tips

  1. For me the best tactic by far is to release the allies in waves, as the enemies do to you. One guy can easily get cut down on his own.
  2. I tend to rush my hero at the start and just keep him/her out of range of the enemy attacks. Hopefully they can see off the first wave while you save up enough mana to upgrade your mana generator straight away.
  3. Consider your upgrades carefully if you dont want to spend money on ingame coins.

Thor: Champions of Asgard

If you like tower defence games then you will probably like this. I know it is not a true TD game, but it is a good interpretation with nice story lines and some good artwork. The interface is a little clumsy and takes a little getting used to, but I recommend giving it a go. If you do, please stop by and let us know what you thought and pass on your hints and tips.

One minor annoyance is that the game loads so quickly that you don’t have time to read the handy hints that they include, but now I’m just being picky…

Head over to the play store and grab it.