Apps For Finding Local Romance – Tinder

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As a married man, there are certain things I shouldn’t be doing and certain websites I shouldn’t be frequenting. As a geek however, there are things that I find curious and I do like seeing new ways technology can be applied to traditional problems. Problems like finding a girlfriend (or boyfriend).

I noticed someone a comedian on Twitter posting that he’d watched someone on the train rejecting him on Tinder. And it piqued my curiosity.


What is Tinder?

So I did a quick investigation and it turns out that Tinder is a sort of dating app. I won’t say it’s new because it looks like it’s been around a while. But it is quite clever. Simplistically so, but clever nonetheless.

Essentially Tinder scans your local area and gives you recommendations based on your taste. You login via your Facebook profile and it picks girls (or boys) who ‘like’ similar things to you.

So here we have an example:


Here’s Daisy. She seems nice enough and oh look, she likes Red Dwarf and Big Bang theory just like me. Not bad, but then her description says she likes fishing. Hmmmm, it’s obviously not a perfect system.

So, you’ll notice in the top right hand corner a heart and cross. If the person seems like a good match you heart (like) them if not you hit the cross and move on to the next like some sort of heartless monster. I guess the person gets a notification they’ve been liked and can then look at your profile and like or dismiss you accordingly and start a conversation.

To be honest I haven’t tried out the full system. Like I said, I’m married, I’m clearly not the apps target audience, but I found the idea clever and intriguing. Dating in the modern world based loosely on photos and Facebook likes? Well, it’s free, so why not.

Try Tinder for yourself here and let me know how you get on

Just be sure to watch out for people griefing you. Like this lady