App Updates That Improve Experience – Sky+

Posted By on Nov 11, 2013 in Interesting Discoveries | 0 comments

It’s always nice when apps get updates that improve user experience, make your life better or enhance your user pleasure.

For me one of those apps is Sky+. For a Sky user, the Sky+ is a must. It’s a simple app that works wonders for your TV viewing.

As a basic app the Sky+ app works as a TV planner and viewing guide. You can scroll through the channels and find what you’re looking for or see what’s on. Great. Simple app, easy to use. But then Sky made it better.


Now the Sky+ has a whole host of features. For example they added the ability to remotely record programs on your Sky box. Nice. Then they added remote control functionality. So if you are at home, hooked up to the wifi and using the app on your phone or tablet you can go into the control section and use gestures to control your TV viewing. Swipe right with two fingers to fast forward, tap to stop/play, that sort of thing. Very cool.

Then I discovered I could access the planner as well. So not only can I see what’s on now, I can also see what we’ve got recorded and ready to watch. Scroll through that, pick a program and select the option to play it. You can even choose from ‘watch from beginning’ or ‘continue’ viewing. Good stuff.


Then the app got even better. They added the ability of HD customers to not only set programmes to record, but also to series link. So let’s imagine you are at work, having a conversation with a colleague and they tell you about a great show that’s on at the moment. They recommend you watch it. In the old days you’d have to remember to set it to record when you got home, then you could set it to record remotely, but you’d still have to remember to series link it when you got home or all you’d end up doing was watching just the one episode and missing the rest (or at a few until you remembered to set the rest to record). Now you can series link too? Bonus.

The other week I logged in and suddenly the app was warning me about recording clashes (a constant problem when you share your viewing box with a spouse, friend or family members).


Not only is it now clever enough to point out the fact you’re being a noob and trying to record three programs at once, but it also gives the option to reschedule one of the recordings for another time that won’t clash.

Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work Sky!