Google Search Updates, Google Now & Experience Launcher

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Android Police is reporting that there’s an update to the Google Search app. Most people should have it already. I got mine this morning. It brings yet more updates to the Google Now experience, including more cards. But more importantly it means it works perfectly with the experience launcher and means you can now get the ‘KitKat Experience’ without actually having KitKat on your phone.

I’ve just updated both and it’s running very nicely on my Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Google Experience


It all works very well and looks nice too. The icons are a bit massive which makes the app drawer a bit small on a Phablet, but otherwise it’s quite nice.

Swiping left brings up Google now and you’ll notice the microphone on the search bar and in Google Now both look slightly different – that’s because you now just have to press that to speak to your phone, they’ve removed one step from the process.


Google Now


Rather interestingly there’s been some new features added to the Google Search App which include:


For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean):

– Related website for current location
– Ability to tell family & friends when you’ve left work (rolling out gradually)
– Ability to choose individual calendars and edit/snooze reminders
You can see the updates for recently visited websites in action in the above screenshot. Pretty nifty stuff.
To get this look on your phone, update your Google Search app and install the launcher using the links below.
Google Search
Google Experience Launcher