Blur – a blurry vision of your wallpaper

Posted By on Nov 15, 2013 in Android, App Discoveries | 0 comments

If you are anything like me then you probably get bored of your wallpaper on a regular basis and need a change. I used to love live wallpapers but went off them when I realised just how much battery they used.

So I took to simply finding great photos online and making them my wallpaper, but they always cropped to awkward sizes and didn’t come out like I wanted. Alternatively, photos I had taken couldn’t be used in their entirety because of the screen size. So would generally be oversized and awkward.

So I’m never really happy with my wallpaper. Yet I tend to avoid wallpaper apps (usually because of the adverts) but I noticed this one yesterday while scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions.


Blur is a simple app with rather amusing/pleasing results.

Open the app up and it gives you the option to choose one of your photos.


Crop the photo so it’s the size and position you want for your home screen then hit the button to move on to the next option.


On the next page you use a slider to adjust the blur level on your image. Once you are happy, click and the app sets the blurred image as your wallpaper.

Please feel free to ignore the mention of making your phone look like iOS in the app description and instead use it to make amusing, interesting or classy looking wallpapers.

I thought about taking a porn image and blurring it right up so no one would know what it was for giggles but I’m sure you could find a more sensible use for it.