Cerberus Anti Theft – Review time

Posted By on Nov 17, 2013 in Android, App Discoveries, Reviews | 0 comments

If like me you have ever lost your phone you know how annoying it can be. Yes there’s insurance but its more than just a phone isn’t it? It’s a photo album, a copy of all your communications with your loved ones via text and email. It’s a window into your soul, and even with all the security locks available to you on droid, a lot of people, myself included, don’t use a screen lock. For me this is for two reasons. 1 if the phone is lost, some kind soul might find it and decide to ring the contact who is most often contacted by myself, my girlfriend, thus returning the phone. Secondly im a lazy sod. If a kind soul doesn’t find my phone and return it to me what should I do? That is where Cerberus comes in. image With this nifty app you can, via a webpage log into the Cerberus dashboard and find your phone using your phones GPS signal, even if GPS is switched off on your device. image So if you’ve lost your phone you can find out where it is. You can also see details about the phone like the nearby wi-fi spots, phone number of the current sim card etc. More options within Cerberus online are the option to hide the app from your phone, delete your phone/sd storage, add an unlock code and more. I think my favourite part is the ability to remotely take photo and video via the devices forward facing camera, letting you see who it is who has your device and alert the police and hopefully get your mobile back. If you have an unlock code it will take a photo when the code is entered wrong too. image Theres also the ability to send a message to your device, which when dismissed will take a photo too. image image image image image The app is free for a week and only €2.99 for a lifetime licence. No monthly fee. You can add 5 different Android devices to the one account so for £2.57 (when I bought it) ive got a lifetime of peace of mind for my mobile devices. image Overall I think its a godsend and a must have app. Get it here