Google Translate Updated – Now Even Better (Apparently)

Posted By on Nov 21, 2013 in Android, Interesting Discoveries | 0 comments

I was browsing my Google+ feed this morning when I spied updates from a Google employee on ‘exciting’ updates they were making to the Translate app.


I like the idea of having real time translated conversations via my phone but have always been skeptical as to the accuracy of the translating power. I’ve never had the chance to try it properly, yet.


I have however marvelled at the power of Translate to do things like translate foreign languages via a photograph or to convert written word into another language then speak it out loud.


You can also translate SMS now, so if you happen to know someone who speaks another language you can always talk to them in their own language.

Some sort of hangouts integration should be the next step if anyone was to ask me.

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