Pocket – The Diamond in The Rough App

Posted By on Nov 21, 2013 in Android, App Discoveries | 0 comments

There’s a few apps that I use infrequently but couldn’t bare to be without. One of those apps is called Pocket.


Pocket is a simple app for saving stuff to read later. In fact it used to be called ‘Read it later’ for just that reason.

Pocket is great because I often spy articles at various points during my day and glance at them, realise they’re important, interesting or useful and think ‘ooh I should really read this, but I don’t have time right now’. In the old days I might have just tried to remember to read it when I had time, but then just got distracted by something else and that article would be lost forever. Maybe if I was feeling a bit more organised I would have bookmarked it in my browser but then forgot to go back to it. But then along came pocket.


Pocket is great because it’s cross-platform. So if I’m fannying around on my PC and see an article I need to read but don’t have the time I can just use my Chrome Webstore app to save it to Pocket. Then later when I’m on the train the article is all sync’d up on my phone and ready to read – even offline if need be.


It’s a simple system really and that’s what makes it so great. Really handy for making sure I don’t miss out on the essential stuff I need to be on top of, without the hassle of having to remember which article I was meant to read or indeed what site I’d seen it on.

Now if only someone could make an app to make the day have more hours in it.

Download Pocket now. You won’t regret it.