Google Glass is Being Ruined Before it’s Even Out

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Google Glass is one of those great inventions, one that might even be well before it’s time. It’s the sort of tech that could potentially change our lives and yet people are already frowning, wringing their hands and generally kicking up a stink about the potential invasion of privacy Glass presents. And that’s what’s really frustrating me – not the fact that I can’t actually get my hands on a pair yet. Yes, Glass is $1,500 for a developer/explorer edition and that’s prohibitive in itself, but it’s the people that are ruining Glass before it even becomes main stream.

The reasons Glass is potentially great (for me) is two-fold:

  1. Hands-free photography in the moment – that is you see something great happening and don’t have to fumble in your pocket for your phone, unlock it, find the camera app, oh no, wait, the moment’s gone. There’d be no more missing those amazing moments with Glass – my son’s first words, my cats fighting, an awesome car that’s driving by, a cool sunset, whatever. Glass opens up a world of photography possibilities.
  2. Heads-up navigation display – Google Maps Navigation is awesome. I’ve always thought so. It’s smart, handy and easy-to-use. But having to look down, sideways or even up to look at my phone screen while driving is impractical and a pain. Having to find a suitable dock/holder for your phone (and possibly replace that every two years when you upgrade) is also an inconvenience. So having navigation right there, just in front of your eye is fantastic.

Alas, both these simple things, that I love (and are the main appeals of Glass in my humble opinion) are exactly the things that people are kicking up a fuss over.

Here’s the highlights:

Pretty disheartening stuff really. Perhaps we can have cybernetic implants instead?