The Auto Awesome Annual

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Auto Awesome Year

I do love the little things that Google do and this time of year does not slow them down. The Zeitgeist video is nice and a great reminder of the last year as experienced by everyone else, but this year they have given us a recap of our own year too.

For those Google+ users amongst us who allow the auto backup of our photos, we have been experiencing auto awesome for some time now. It has come a long way from the original brightness enhancing and colour balancing with some nice festive touches on the run up to Christmas. They have added snow to create festive scenes and recognised Christmas trees and lights and added twinkle to perfect the photo.

The new year approaching has given us one more feature. For the last week or so, Google has been creating and rolling out videos of our year, taken from the photos and videos that have been uploaded.You should have had a notification that it is there, but if not just try looking at your photo section of google plus and it should have arrived over the last week.

Work PhotosSadly,  I have taken rather too many work photos and not enough personal photos and it has left me with some random street scenes from around Cheshire and North Wales but I still enjoyed watching the video. My New Year resolutions are now to take more photos of the family and only use the work camera for work photos – or at least to delete them from my backup…

  • Adrian Willings

    I’d seen my wife’s on Google+ and was disappointed my own didn’t appear. Then a few days later it did. Alas, it’s all photos of Ben, my car (including registration plate) and random snapshots of food. So I’m not willing to share it, but I did thoroughly enjoy it.