Hacking your tech (or repairing it) with Sugru

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I’d previously read some stuff about Sugru on Lifehacker, then completely forgotten about it. For some reason I came back across it with this video (which I’d recommend you watch):

And I have to admit that video made me order some.  Well, that and I actually had something that needed fixing – my earphone cable is fraying, exposing the wire underneath and since Sugru is apparently a good insulator it seemed like a good way to fix them headphones or at least put-off their ultimate destruction at a low cost. I placed the order directly on their website and it arrived relatively quickly, despite the Christmas post.



I’d ordered some mini packs which contain 8 x 5 gram pieces of the stuff, sealed in their own containers.  At just £12 it seemed reasonable. From one packet we managed to fix my headphones by attaching a piece at each end (i.e. three pieces to cover the weak points) and managed to make a hook on my desk to hang a wire as well – that shows how far this stuff will go. You don’t need much for it’s really cost-effective (especially when you consider my earphones are £70 to buy new).

Now we’re trying to think of new uses, my wife thinks some would make a good handle for saucepan lids to prevent burns as our current ones are rubbish, but I’m determined we can find a better use somehow, somewhere.

Sugru have a user gallery of how people have put Sugru to use in their lives. Apparently the best ones get to win some more free Sugru. So that’s an added bonus – though I’d imagine you’d have to think of something new and clever.

Interesting facts about Sugru:

  • It’s both durable & flexible once cured, so it’s tough stuff!
  • Packs are said to last for 6 months (i.e. you need to use them within that period) but pop them in the fridge and they’ll be good for up to 18 months!
  • It’s heat and cold resistant from -50°C to +180°C!
  • It’s waterproof and bonds with all sorts.

If that little list doesn’t get you excited, here’s some images of the stuff in use from their Twitter background.