I’m currently driving at %mph% I’ll reply when safe (Tasker)

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I talked before about Tasker and what amazing things you can do with it. But I only really scratched the surface and recommended a few things, then pointed you in the direction of some videos. I thought it would be worth doing a follow up on other things I’ve discovered since.

So I was reading the various profiles other people had made and trying to decide which ones I liked the sound of. ‘Auto Respond While Driving‘ sounded instantly appealing. Basically it sends an SMS reply to incoming text message while you’re driving – doesn’t sound that impressive on the surface of it, but actually it’s much cooler, especially when you consider the steps the task is taking.

Firstly, the task is working out that you’re driving by using your GPS to determine your speed. Anything over 5mph (worked out by a clever variable) is deemed as driving (so you should note this task will kick in on trains, planes and automobiles). So, any incoming SMS will trigger this task if you’re travelling over that speed. The phone then responds with an automatic message (which you can choose the wording for) that includes a message about how you’ll get back to the sender but also highlights how fast you were going at the time.



Here you can see we did a couple of tests – I got my wife to text me while I was driving and she was sitting next to me. I was in a 40mph then 60mph zone at the time, so no, I wasn’t speeding. But it worked perfectly.

You can optimise the task by telling it not to check GPS if you’re near familiar wifi.

Tasker Inverted Task


So here, you’ll note the conditions are: if any text is received and I’m not near (home) wifi and not near (work) wifi, then perform task. The task then checks my speed and if over 5mph it’ll carry out the auto text reply.

Neat eh? The best bit is it’s really easy to do because the profile is available to download, you just need to tweak your settings and add your wifi (inverted) as not near to complete it (for optimum battery life).


  • Bruno


    Just found your post and the idea is awesome! I’ve recently downloaded Tasker and gave the download of the profile a try, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to import into tasker….

    Is it possible for you to detail what has to be done in the tasks and profile to get this running? Or maybe re-export to share the settings?


    • Hey Bruno,
      In Tasker press and hold the profile button and you can import that way. Do the same for tasks and variables. That’s how I did it.

  • David North

    Do you have a Tasker 4 version of this profile and tasks?

    • There’s a download link for the profile in the article which works with the current version of tasker? Unless I’m misunderstanding your question?