Putting processing power to good use (overnight)

Posted By on Mar 18, 2014 in Android, App Discoveries | 0 comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the early naughties, then you’re probably aware of things like folding @ home – projects that basically crowd-source processing power of computers and Playstation’s to compute protein calculations and help with the discovery of the cure for cancer and other ailments. A good cause indeed.

Just recently I stumbled upon Samsung Power Sleep – an app built with the same goodwill in mind. A lot of people use their mobile phone as an alarm clock overnight, but otherwise there’s little use in having your phone on during your sleep hours. Yet you’ve probably got it plugged in an charging. So why not do something good with the processing power and do your bit?

So far I’ve managed to clock up 400+ hours of processing power donated to the cause.


The great thing is the app runs, uses Wifi and only works when your phone is plugged in, charging and has 80% battery or more. I’ve setup a Tasker task to optimise my phone for use too, so when it’s nighttime, the app automatically runs, the phone sets itself to silent, turns brightness all the way down, turns auto-sync off and other little tasks to minimise impact on my sleep cycle.

It’s good stuff, give it a go!