Broken Moto 360 and Motorola Support

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After owning a Sony SmartWatch 2, I’d been lusting after a Moto 360 as soon as it made a hint of appearing on the market. I made some unsubtle hints to my wife and she kindly purchased one for my birthday (yes, she spoils me but it’s a too way street, don’t worry).

Anyway, I was happy with the watch (I’ll do a review at some point no doubt) but then a little after two weeks of ownership disaster struck. Stumbling around in the dark I managed to catch the watch (by the strap) on a door handle. There was a nasty tug at my wrist and an unnerving feeling of dismay that started in my wrist and ended in my gut. I turned the light on and there lay my Moto 360 on the floor, face down with both straps on one side of the watch.

The force of catching the Motorola 360 on the door handle had pulled hard on the back of the watch and torn the pin out of the hole. The pin had bent, but much worse than that part of the plastic backing had snapped off.

Damaged Moto 360

In this rather poor photo you can get an idea of the damage. I’ve highlighted the small triangle of plastic which snapped off the back on one side. The result is an unusable watch as the pin would no longer stay in place. A miserable sight indeed. I wondered how I’d fix it. Perhaps some Sugru, maybe ┬átry and glue the old bit back on?

Would it still be covered by warranty? Or would Motorola make me pay to get it fixed? Should I even bother trying?

I had seen a Kickstarter for SteelConnect – perhaps a possible solution, so I contacted them to see if they could help. Alas their only real solution was to use their hook adapter and wear it as a pocket watch – which defeats the point of a smartwatch really.

So we sent it to Motorola and what felt like a long while later they sent it back. In fact they’d sent a completely new watch, with strap, box and all. Not a single question or query about the issue. Which was nice.

So the end result of my experience? Not overly impressed with the build quality but thoroughly impressed with the customer support from Motorola.

So happy to have the 360 back on my wrist where it belongs.

  • Dave Langton

    All these months in, would you buy the same watch again?