OnePlus One or Nexus 6, hands off analysis

Posted By on Dec 8, 2014 in Android | 0 comments


After cracking the screen of my MotoG, an awesome phone with few limitations, I was reluctant to pay to fix it as the cost would have been the same as paying off the handset portion of my contract. I therefore had a decision to make. I really wanted something likely to bring lollipop quickly and narrowed it down to the One, or the Nexus 6. Sadly, neither were readily available.

The OnePlus One is by no means a new phone anymore. Since the initial announcement back in January 2014, the actual release and subsequent availability has not been straight forward. The enthusiasm and desire that greeted the phone was surely unpredictable by anyone, and as a result the first official Cyanogenmod phone is still only available to purchase if you have an invitation (with the exception of occasional limited time windows). The specifications are good though, and having rooted all my previous phones I was well aware of Cyanogenmod and knew I liked the software running on the One. £269 for th 64GB option? It will take some beating.

Coming from the MotoG, I was coming from a phone very close to a pure Nexus experience and was equally confident I would like the software running on the Nexus 6. Packing top end specifications it is clearly designed as an example of a great android experience. £549 for the 64GB option is a lot of money, but is similarly priced to high end, branded android phones. Sadly it hadn’t been released.

My criteria for a new phone is fairly simple. I like the larger screen of my old note. I want a better camera than the motoG. I want android updates faster than Samsung can provide. Both these phones should fit the bill.

A quick look at the specs and there isn’t a great deal between them. The nexus has a larger and better resolution screen, but the slightly larger battery does not compensate and loses it some battery life over the One. The slightly higher spec on the processor, battery and screen size do not amount to £280 worth of added value.

As a result I decided to pursue the elusive OnePlus invitation. The difference in price can not be justified and even when in stock the Nexus would be hard to get. Harder even than a phone only available to those with an invitation it seems….

Decision made. Phone purchased and delivered. More to follow.