Logitech Circle review – home away from home

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Affordable price tag, free and secure cloud storage, snippet/recording sharing, wide angle viewing, two-way audio


Poor quality footage at a distance, only 24 hour max playback

The Circle camera from Logitech is one of their recent additions to a selection of smarthome products that can be scattered around your house to improve and enhance your life with the addition of internet connectivity.

The Circle isn’t a security camera in the traditional sense – you’re not going to install one of these cameras outside your home and record footage in the hope of catching an intruder at some point in the future. No, the idea of these smart connected cameras is to give you a view of your home while you’re not there. This might include alerts if there’s a break in, but it could just be for something as simple as watching your kids playing happily in the sitting room while you’re stuck at work beavering away on your latest project or remotely keeping an eye on that new puppy you bought last week to make sure he’s not destroying your furniture while you’re out of the house.

Much more than just a webcam

There’s plenty of competition out there including the likes of Nest Cam,  Netgear’s Arlo and Withings Home, so what makes the Circle stand out?

Well, unlike some of the competition, the Circle offers free live-streaming (in 1080p) and 24 hour playback of the footage it’s recorded. There’s no requirement for local storage space as all the footage is stored securely in the cloud too, so you don’t have to worry about backing up or deleting old recordings. Depending on what you’re planning to do, this could be a good or bad thing, but in our view it makes it easy to manage and that’s exactly what you need from any smart device.

Circle allows you to stream footage directly to your phone via their free app (whether Android or iPhone) but also alerts you to detected movement (great if you’re out of the house but are slightly paranoid about being burgled), has two-way communication via a built-in speaker and mic which allows you to communicate with people or animals in the room from a distance and includes other nifty features like night vision mode.

Beyond the obvious, highlights for us include the ability to export and share clips with friends and family via email, social media or other app of your choosing and the rather swish ‘Day Brief’ feature which allows you to compress an entire day into a 30 second time lapse video.

Portable, practical and precise?

The Circle comes boxed with a charging station which essentially makes it wireless (though it can also be mounted if you so wish) meaning you can theoretically move it around the house as you see fit. Logitech claim it has a 12 hour battery life, so as long as you remember to dock it at some point throughout the day you should be able to get some good use out of it. With the various features we’ve mentioned you could easily use it as a baby monitor during the night and a security camera during the day – or any other application around the house you can think of.


Boasting a 135-degree angle lens, the Circle is able to see far more of the room than you’d expect and the quality of the footage is pretty good, day or night. There’s also an 8x digital zoom but you’ll soon find the quality degrading if you zoom in too far. Realistically, in a reasonably sized room you’ll be able to see most of the features of the room, but you won’t be zooming in to see a pin dropped on the floor or study the pores on a burglars nose.

At the end of the day, the Logitech Circle is a worthy entry to the market and should certainly be on your radar if you’re looking to add an affordable smartcamera to your home. With a relatively low price point for what you’re getting, it’s worth mentioning as a side note that you can add and connect multiple cameras, so you could setup monitoring for other rooms in your home too without breaking the bank.

The Logi Circle is currently available for around £119 on Amazon.