Amazon Echo – Spotify Connection Problems & IFTTT

Posted By on Sep 29, 2016 in Tips & Tricks | 0 comments

Amazon Echo

The fantastic Amazon Echo has just recently arrived on UK shores and with this always-listening virtual assistant in our homes there’s plenty of cool automation and fun at our fingertips.

Setting up is easy enough, but there’s some other things to consider…

Connecting to Spotify

Out of the box the Amazon Echo can and will play music for you from either Tunein radio or Amazon Music, but if you have a premium Spotify account you can also connect that so you can listen to all your favourite playlists.

In the UK, we’ve had some reports of people unable to connect their Spotify account to the Echo because of a problem with authorisation (a blank page appearing on the authorisation URL The good news is there’s a solution to this problem as you can also access Alexa’s settings (and therefore authorise Spotify) via the web on a desktop or laptop via We found this fixed the issue for us.

Alexa and automation

Echo is pretty smart and if you’ve already got smart devices installed in your home then there’s plenty of functionality here. You can also do a lot more with your Echo by combining it with IFTTT this includes things like getting reminders on your phone when a new task is added to your to-do list, get an email notification when an item is added to your shopping list (handy if you’re out and a family member is adding things to the shopping list at home) and much more. With IFTTT you can also get your Echo to work with smart devices in the house which don’t currently have direct compatibility, like the Harmony Hub for example.

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