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About The Blog

This blog was founded to give space for us to write about what interests us. The authors listed here have varied fascinations in life, but we each share a love for technology and the amazing impact it can have on our everyday lives – with a keen interest on all things Google and Android. If you want to keep up to date with our writings here then you can subscribe to us on currents, subscribe using our RSS feed or perhaps best of all will be to follow us on Google Plus (Other social networks are available and listed at the bottom of this page). Reading what we write is great and we really recommend it, but if you want more and are interested in becoming a regular contributor (we are not looking for one off guest bloggers) then please check out the page about  writing with us.

About The Authors

Adrian (aka Age) is a self-proclaimed geek with a love for all things tech (except Apple products). He works in the SEO industry for a living and loves how it’s constantly changing and evolving. He finds social media fascinating, but is also enthralled by all sorts of other things including Android, VW’s, gaming and being a Dad.

In his spare time he loves gaming with his fellow PC gamers of www.enemyboat.co.uk, spending time with his wife and son and trying not to be killed by his cat.

He started this blog with his friend in order to talk about the things that matter to him.


Dave (aka luggag3) has always been called a geek by others but did not always embrace the title. That has since changed and he loves that people value his opinion, so why keep them between friends and family? His day job sees him interacting with a wide range of surveying technology and he is excited by the changes that laser scanning has brought to the industry.

His spare time is often spent in front of the TV, though rarely watching it. Instead he spends his time reading about science and technology, playing mobile games and wondering if he will get KitKat on his note before he get’s a new phone.